The +™Fire Has Been Set in Houston — Let’s Spread The Word

Thank you to everyone who attended our +™Coffees in Houston – the first this past Saturday and the second Monday. We were thrilled by the turnout — parents, teachers, counselors, PTO board members — all passionate to become involved in our new grass roots efforts. Between actual attendees and wishful participants, we gave out over 100 packets of information during this three day period!

Speaking of materials, we cannot write another word without a public thank you to the FedEx Office store on the corner of Greenbriar and 59.  The gentlemen who manage this store, Gary and Jerome, voluntarily produced roughly $1000 worth of FREE presentation materials for us (that we could not have afforded as a start-up). Voluntarily — we did not ask.  This was an incredibly sensitive and gracious gesture; and it certainly speaks volumes about the FedEx corporate culture. Thank you again, gentlemen — and FedEx Office.

At Saturday’s coffee, we were honored to have the distinguished Dr. Stuart Twemlow, Menninger Clinic physician and internationally-known psychiatrist/bullying expert, present with us to offer his support and insights. One of his remarks that stayed with us: “Bullies only do what bystanders allow.” He also emphasized the importance of buy-in at every level but with teachers in particular, and that “the kids will get this concept before any of the adults do.”

At Monday’s coffee, we were honored to have Maureen Hackett, Menninger Clinic board member and highly-respected mental health advocate, present to learn about our vision and ideas. You may have read Mrs. Hackett’s powerful opinion piece, “It’s Time to Face Facts on Bullying,” in the Houston Chronicle on April 25 of this year. We were grateful for her encouragement of our efforts and her specific suggestion that we leverage the power of Houston’s faith-based communities to spread our message.

The conversations that followed our formal presentations were rich with strategic insights and actionable ideas that will add value and authenticity to our programs. We will continue to seek and welcome input from every angle.

Thank you again to everyone. Please post your comments! Keep thinking. Keep sharing your ideas. Keep spreading the word.