Today We Light Our FIRST +™Grassfire, in Houston

This is a very big day! This morning, we hold our first grass roots +Coffee in Houston to introduce the thinking behind our new +Works™ awareness campaign for families and schools. Designed to get ahead of America’s bullying epidemic with positive talk and action™, this program is simple, actionable and integrated between families and schools for maximum benefit to our children. We will give a brief presentation and hand out +Car bumper stickers, +Pledge cards and a copy of our presentation for our participants to further share our ideas with people in our community.

Monday, we will hold our second +Coffee.  If you attend these events and want to share a comment, please email us at We want to hear from you. If you missed these events and want to get involved, email us at the same address.

We are actively seeking elementary, middle and high schools in the Houston area to join our +™FirstWave School pilot program for this fall. Whether you’re a principal, teacher, counselor, parent — or student, if you are interested in bringing our program into your school, please get in touch with us via email asap.

We are in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. When our status changes, we plan to share our full +™Family and +™School programs via our website. This will include a +™Grassfire Starter Kit for people who’d like to spread our ideas in their communities around the country. Our intent is to take this positive program nationwide.

Friends have said it would be a good idea to share HOW to use our +Car bumper sticker. Here it is, plain and simple:

When you have kids beyond your family in your car, stop any gossip immediately (“Do you like so and so?” “Can you believe so and so?” etc.) by simply saying:

“This is a positive car and the rule is we say no to gossip.” (Body language will change noticeably in your passenger and back seats.) Then you say, “And do you know what the good news is? When YOU’RE not in our car, WE will NOT be talking about YOU!” (Then you’ll see them relax!) You can do this in a very nice, positive way, because the message you are sending is simple and straightforward. “Not in my car.”

STAY TUNED and THANK YOU for your support!