Announcing Our Inaugural +™First Wave School — St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Houston, Texas. WATCH THIS SPACE this week to purchase our +™Family Membership online!

We’ve had a very, very busy summer at +Works™, meeting with parents, educators, mental health professionals, local government and state legislators and leaders of schools in our Houston community. The word has continued to spread since our May +™Coffees in our intended grass roots fashion; there is little doubt now that we have touched a nerve with our action-oriented, straight-forward and positive approach to bullying awareness. Through parent and teacher contacts, we met with seven schools this summer. Two schools have committed to piloting our +™School program this year. One school, to be announced, is committed to promoting our +™Family Program this fall. We will announce each school one by one as they go live with their programs. We also remain in serious/hopeful discussions with three other schools. Thank you to everyone who has been and is involved in this exciting process.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, under the inspiring leadership of Principal Mrs. Carolyn Sears, is officially our first +™First Wave School. Fully embracing our visual awareness program in their facilities from day one of this school year (ultimately including +™Classroom, +™Playground, +™Gym, +™Computer, +™Bathroom, +™Locker and +™Locker Room signage in all school divisions) and our +™Teacher Guides (Pre-K, K-4, 5-8), St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School gave us the opportunity to introduce our +Works™ Family and School programs tonight at the first of three consecutive parent orientation evenings. There was a great deal of interest, and we hope this is just the beginning of a positive and constructive community conversation on this frightening topic.

eCommerce Coming Soon! We are nearly ready to launch our eCommerce piece, enabling us to sell our +™Family Membership Packets on our website.

We will be also holding more +™Coffees early this fall — one in West U and one in Memorial — dates coming soon. Email us at with your thoughts and ideas. We want to hear from you.