Announcing St. Paul’s School, Houston, Our Second +™First-Wave School

We are delighted to announce that St. Paul’s School, Houston, has signed on as our second +™First-Wave School.  “We thank Mrs. Debra Fischer, Director of St. Paul’s, for her leadership and her support of our young organization,” said Sarah Fisher, Founder and CEO of +Works™.  “We look forward to working with St. Paul’s and their incredible teaching staff beginning this fall to co-create a dynamic and effective bullying awareness program, beginning in Pre-Kindergarten.”

Mental health experts tell us that four-year-olds are very ready to learn the skills that can immunize them against the negative effects of the bullying process that can crop up in elementary school life. Our program seeks to introduce young children to their “inner voice” and to develop empathy and resiliency skills by learning to process life’s normal ups and downs in an optimistic, action-oriented manner. Our program also teaches the importance of helping others, inclusiveness and compassion.

Thank you, St. Paul’s School, for your positive advocacy and leadership in the Houston school community!