+™Family Memberships NOW Available ONLINE

Our +Family Membership includes our 36-page +Parent Guide, +Pledge card, +Car OR Join the +Movement bumper sticker, 4 + stickers for your cellphones, 2 +Computer stickers, + decal for your home and a +Table card for your dining table.  The guide has been reviewed and endorsed by Dr. Stuart W. Twemlow, international bullying expert whom has conducted 40 years of research on this topic. It contains information on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW of bullying and includes scenarios, strategies and resources compiled to help your family take action on bullying in a positive, proactive way.

To order now, just click the blue rectangular button up to the right! IT’S EASY (and if it’s NOT let us know!).  TEN percent of each membership sold will be set aside to provide a +School Program to a school passionate about our program but lacking funds for implementation. EVERYONE working for this organization does so FREE OF CHARGE out of a passion to find a community-based solution to this at-times overwhelming community problem.

Thanks for your leadership in getting ahead of America’s bullying epidemic. We can create positive change, one family at a time!