Mark Twain World School Joins +Movement

HISD Elementary School Becomes Third +First Wave School to “Get Ahead of America’s Bullying Epidemic with +Talk and Action”

+Works, a new Houston-based, grass-roots, non-profit organization created to get ahead of America’s bullying epidemic with positive talk and action, is pleased to announce its first public school to formally join its +Movement. Mark Twain World School, a highly-regarded IB Kindergarten-Grade 5 school in the Houston Independent School District, is embracing the +Works’ +School program with verve and will be actively promoting the +Family program to its community as well.

Mark Twain joins St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School and St. Paul’s School as educational leaders seeking a new approach to dealing with this serious issue. “I am excited to be working with teachers and parents to take a proactive stance against bullying,” said John Baker, Mark Twain World School Principal.

Mark Twain students will be immersed in the program beginning in late September, when awareness pieces including new +Classroom, +Playground, +Table, +Bathroom and +Gym signs will be placed prominently around their school. The strategy is straight-forward:  provide visual reminders in significant areas where bullying and negative behaviors tend to happen. These program elements will be supported by a caring faculty and staff seeking to model and teach a renewed expectation for positive behavior, including saying no to gossip and yes to positive talk. Teachers will use the +Works +Teacher Guides to inspire a new school climate and mindset on the bullying issue. “The work that +Works is doing is a natural fit with the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme because of the focus on empathy, respect, and principled communication,” said Principal John Baker.

“This is an important pilot year for +Works, and we are so energized to partner with a dynamic community like Mark Twain World School,” said Sarah Fisher, +Works Founder and CEO. “Our objective is to co-create our bullying awareness program with our +First Wave Schools this year and to discover an exciting portfolio of new ideas via parents and educators that we can share beyond our pilot program next school year.” +Works co-founders Fisher and fellow Houston marketing Mom Trish Morille are providing their services against this important cause on a 100 percent pro bono basis. Other concerned Houston parents, grandparents, educators and mental health professionals round out the +Works Board and Advisory Group.

“It’s doubly exciting to work with Mark Twain because of its strong parent community,” said Trish Morille.  “It is the vision and leadership of Mr. Baker coupled with dedicated, action-oriented parents who have made this possible and who give this effort a good chance of success. To be truly effective, our program must be supported by both parents and educators working together to get ahead of this issue that impacts so many of our children.”

+Works offers integrated +Family and +School Programs that are being embraced by families and schools across the Houston area. There are many ways to join the +Movement. Is your family and your school part of the conversation?

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