West U Elementary Joins +Movement as Fourth +First Wave School

+Works is so pleased to welcome our fourth +First Wave School, West U Elementary, to our +Movement! As is our model, we connected to WUE via parents interested in our approach to getting ahead of bullying with positive talk and action. Their advocacy and support are a tribute to the WUE community whom have demonstrated strong leadership on the issue. We are grateful to the WUE PTO, especially Kathleen Holt, Michelle Juden and Jennifer Welch, along with Mr. John Threet, WUE Principal, and Michael Connolly, School Counselor, whose leadership is also to be applauded.

WUE families and educators are encouraged to join our other +Pilot School communities , +Families and concerned citizens to show support at our +Rally, this coming Wednesday, October 27, 4pm, at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School.

All interested citizens are invited to attend! Together, we can make a +Difference in the lives of all of our children!