Dateline NBC “My Kid Would Never…Bully” Video Links Now Available


+Works™ is a Houston-based, grassroots, nonprofit organization created by parents and supported by educators, mental health professionals and community leaders in our mission to get ahead of bullying with positive talk and action. We offer our own +Works™ integrated +™Family and +™School programs and will be expanding our +™School program beyond its current six-school pilot stage as well as piloting a +™Athletics program in the fall.

Teachers and principals are asking us how they can get a copy of My Kid Would Never…Bully to show in their schools.  PLEASE NOTE: We are happy to provide the URL above to connect you with the Dateline NBC video links on, but have no access to copies of the program itself.

We agree that this Dateline NBC program is a robust wake up call to parents, educators, coaches — and ALL adults — about the power and responsibility of the bystander. It is also an important new teaching tool as we all search for effective ways to show children HOW to stand up to bullying behavior in our families, schools and communities.

Bullies only do what bystanders allow. Children only do what adults allow. Our children, our students, learn to find their voices when they witness us finding ours in a way that’s constructive, not retaliatory.  As we say at +Works™, cognizance is the first step to progress. To act, we must first be aware. Courage is the second step — speaking up is the only way forward. And connectednessstanding together, arms locked in solidarity on this issue — is the final step in this important process that we propose as a way forward for our families and communities.

We can take the negative, make it a positive and work for peace and positive/authentic change in our communities.