Dateline NBC to Air “My Kid Would Never… Bully” This Sunday, March 6 at 7/6C


Bullying gets exposed in a new Dateline edition entitled My Kid Would Never… Bully. And as the title suggests kids are given an opportunity to help a student (who is an actor) in need from being targeted by a bully (also an actor). As you might imagine, few of the students came to the rescue of the victim and another amount of kids actually helped the bully.

“All the parents went in saying, ‘I hope…I think my kid will do the right thing…my kid will stand up to the bully,” Snow begins. “And that isn’t always what happened. I thought going in not every kid would stand up, but I didn’t expect that many to just stand by.”

Snow, who has two young children of her own (5 and 8), is hoping the special will open the eyes of parents, students and teachers so that bullying is taken more seriously rather than dismissed.

Dateline NBC’s My Kid Would Never… Bully airs Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 7/6 Central.