+Works® Thanks +™Volunteers

+Works’ Co-Founders Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille would like to thank the following group of individuals, who have gone way beyond the call of +Duty during this, our first year! We could not have achieved the substantial progress we celebrate during this anniversary week without the enthusiasm, dedication, time, talent and grassroots leadership these special individuals have shared with us and, therefore, with their community. We sincerely thank:

Dr. Amy Acosta, Laura Arch, John Baker, Marsha Baumann, Michelle Bickham, Dr. Alanna Bree, Dan Breiman, James Browning, Alyson Bricker Blotcky, Wendy Burks, Sarah Cabello, Dr. Katherine Carmel, Elizabeth Carruth, Mary Pat Christou, Mo Christou, Charisse Clark, Anne Clutterbuck, Ellen Cohen, Chelsea Collins, Michael Connolly, Katherine Creech, Amy Dionne, Daniel Echeverri, Tammy Eyring, Dr. Juliet Farmer, Ken Fisher, Marina Fisher, Susan Fordice, Carolyn Galfione, Laura Gilchrist, Allison Gower, Kari Greenwalt, Todd Greenwalt, Maureen Hackett, Leslie Hansen, Barbara Harwell, Shawn Hebert, Kathleen Holt, Tammy Jaben, Victoria Jones, Michelle Juden, Elyse Kalmans, Denise Kaminski, Cindy Keene, Karen Kershner, Kristy Kroenke, Robin Lowe, Susana Monteverde, Heather Montoya, Katherine Morille, Rock Morille, John Morris, Renae Nunez, Carol O’Neal, Traci Patterson, Susie Peake, Dr. Sarah Rich Punches, Bridget Purdie, Michele Rawson, Liz Redmond, Toni Rodriguez, Lisanne Rogers, Sally Brown Russ, Kerry Schachter, Carolyn Sears, Dr. Carla Sharp, Lisa Sheinbaum, Laura Smith, Dr. Melissa Smith, Teresa Smith, Barry Spiers, Danni Stewart, Dr. Mary Nell Suell, Dr. Stuart Twemlow, Kathy Twiford,  Dr. Carolyn Wade, Jill Wasson, Erika Waters, Brenda Weidman, Dr. Jennifer Welch, Tonia Whitney, Regina Williams, Renee Wizig-Barrios, Dr. Melanie Yard, Greta Zimmerman