We’re Positive We’re All in This Together

We are so grateful for the +press we received yesterday in a feature story by Lisa Falkenberg at the Houston Chronicle. You can read the +Works story, “They’re Positive Bullying Can Stop” at (please copy the link into your web browser):


We have received numerous requests for information and family packets as a result of the story. Thank you to everyone who has responded. We want to let interested parents and schools know that we are in the final stages of revising our +™Parenting and +™Teaching guides. Our +™Family Membership includes our +™Parenting guide and a packet of visual reminders (choice of bumper sticker plus a pledge card, a table card, four cell phone stickers, a home decal, and two computer stickers) for a cost of $25 (plus tax to Texas residents only). Shipping is included and we ship anywhere in the US.  All orders received beginning August 12 will be filled with our original +™Parent Guide and visual reminders and a note promising a new parenting guide to be shipped to new members in September. We will do this until our last year’s inventory is depleted.

PLEASE NOTE: +Family members who joined prior to August 12 will also have the opportunity to receive our new +Parenting guide by ordering it via our website in September. Costs when we re-release our materials will be: $15 for our new +Parenting guide (guide only); $15 for our packet of +Visuals (visuals only); $25 for the new guide plus visuals (like last year); $5 for a new grassroots bumpersticker, soon to be released. We will also begin taking donations online in September. Watch this space!

For interested schools, please know that we have new schools coming on board this fall in addition to the vast majority of our original pilot schools. Announcements of our final aspiring +™School list will come in a few weeks. As we said on our website on May 25, 2001, “+Works plans to welcome two more +™Roundtables of schools, five each for a total of ten schools, beginning in the fall. This plan is contingent on the success of a new effort to raise funds to hire staff to support the organization.” We are in the process of applying for funding. To that end, we are continuing to meet with interested schools and will establish a +Waiting List. We are also available to speak to parent groups in schools interested in building “upstanding communities.” We will charge a small speaking fee in the interest of raising operating funds for +Works. We will also offer schools on our +Waiting List the opportunity to provide our +Parenting guide to their parents on a per family cost basis. Please email us at aware@positivethinkingworks.org for more information.

We want to state again that Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille have worked and will continue to work for +Works on a 100% pro bono basis. +Works is a 501(c)(3) organization. We welcome and appreciate your financial support of +Works.

We would also like to announce a change in the cost structure for our school program for this year. Our program will cost $5 per student per year up to a cap of $3500. We are sensitive to budgetary concerns of schools and PTOs and hope this provides some relief to larger schools who are interested in our program.

Thank you again to Lisa Falkenberg for her wonderful story and to our supporters who keep the +grassfire going.  If we lock arms as parents, educators, coaches, and community leaders, we really can reframe the bullying issue and make a +difference for our children from home to home plate to homeroom.