+Works Announces +Talk III: Cybertechnology — Catching Up With Our Kids!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
6802 Buffalo Speedway, Houston 77025

Technology shapes our lives today in a way we could never have imagined as children ourselves. It is an exciting time, although the knowledge gap many of us feel as parents can be daunting! How do we balance our need for our children to be prepared for their future with our desire to keep them safe? How do we engage them in this ever-expanding world and somehow protect their privacy? What are our responsibilities as parents? Why is it important to tune in to, support, and assist our children in developing the critical thinking skills needed to navigate these new waters?

Join us for a presentation and panel discussion that will address the opportunity we have as a community to teach our children the importance of “digital wellness” and digital citizenship and the weighty consequences that can hang in the balance when we find ourselves falling behind our children in this compelling, new digital world. Our expert panel will include:

Amy Acosta, PhD, Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine and Licensed Professional Psychologist, Texas Children’s Hospital
Larry Kahn, Chief Technology Officer, The Kinkaid School
Special Agent Amanda Hinton, Houston FBI Cyber Crime Squad

ALL are welcome! FREE admission to +Works’ nine +School members. $5 for other community members.

ADMISSION FREE to +Roundtable schools parents/staff:

• St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
• Mark Twain Elementary School
• St. Paul’s School
• Pershing Middle School
• Durham Elementary School
• St. Michael Catholic School
• Kolter Elementary School
• Roberts Elementary School
• The Awty International School

ADMISSION $5 for other members of our community — ALL ARE WELCOME!

Come to this +Talk, the third in a series of five this school year, and find out why it is important that we ALL — Dads, Moms, teachers, coaches, principals, students — take time to get informed in order to get AHEAD of bullying and create +Upstanding Communities.

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Fisher
CEO, +Works