We Got Our +Peace On!

On March 4th, over 100 students performed in an inaugural, collaborative concert promoting +peace in our community

HOUSTON – +Works® (pronounced Positive Works), a Houston-based, parent-driven, non-profit organization serving as a catalyst for positive community change on bullying and other trending community concerns presented March Forth for +Peace, a collaborative +Schools concert celebrating unique visions of “positive peace.” The concert was held March 4th at 7 PM at Pershing Middle School, 3838 Bluebonnet Boulevard.

Students from the +Works +Community of schools were invited to answer this question – “What’s Your Vision of +Peace?” Over 100 students answered the call to positive action with poignant, moving and upbeat reflections on peace through art, writing, poetry, and music. The concert featured creative art and poetry displays, student readings, and vocal, orchestral and individual musical performances.

Under the leadership of Preston Smith, Music Director and Coach from St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, the concert brought together students from seven +Schools who contributed with displays of original art and poetry, as well as individual vocalists, strings, band and choir.

“It was truly an incredible evening,” said Sarah Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO of +Works. “It was powerful and hopeful to see so many kids come together and raise their voices in the name of peace. They demonstrated to all of us that positive peace is about action and that it can take many creative forms.”

Founded in 2010 by Houston moms and marketing professionals Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille, +Works’ innovative +School program now serves 8,200 students and their families through its unique collaborative of five public, four private, and two parochial schools in the Houston area. The 2012-13 +Works +Community of Schools includes:

Annunciation Orthodox School
Durham Elementary School (HISD)
Kolter Elementary School (HISD)
Mark Twain Elementary School (HISD)
Pershing Middle School (HISD)
Roberts Elementary School (HISD)
St. Mark’s Episcopal School
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
St. Paul’s School
St. Michael Catholic School
The Awty International School

Schools in the +Works program participate in annual parent, student, and teacher surveys and form intra-school +Teams. The +Teams include parents, educators, and students who work together to creatively spark discussions about how to encourage positive, upstanding behavior in adults and children in their community. +Schools send representatives to monthly +Roundtable meetings. They display visual reminders in campus locations where negative behavior choices tend to happen. They also host and/or promote +Works’ series of +Talks, which are designed to foster constructive community conversation around trending issues of interest.

About +Works
In May 2010, long-time friends, moms of two, and award-winning marketing professionals Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille converted their ongoing family frustrations around the bullying issue into positive action within their homes and the Houston community. Through grassroots coffees the duo introduced friends, neighbors, and other concerned citizens to +Works® (pronounced positive works) a parent-driven organization created to get ahead of America’s bullying epidemic with positive talk and action. Fisher and Morille continue to spearhead the +effort pro bono – with joy.

What began as a unique, integrated family and school program laser-focused on student bullying has evolved into a ground-breaking, upbeat, creative, hands-on, “roundtable” approach that is sparking fresh conversations around trending issues that keep adults- and kids – in our neighborhoods up at night and around “who” school communities and organizations want to be.

+Works family, school, business, and nonprofit organization members agree: if we want to raise vibrant, resilient, productive children, we have to get real, lock arms, and work together from home to homeroom, from home plate to the boardroom.

For more information, visit http://www.positivethinkingworks.org/.


Photo Credit: Duty Free Studios