New +School Community Guide Provides Tool Kit for Sparking Fresh Conversations in English and Spanish

SEPTEMBER 19 — HOUSTON, TX — +Works (pronounced +Works) today launched a new +School Community Guide to help spark fresh conversations around school climate and positive community change from home to homeroom. The 24-page guide offers a tool kit for parents, school leaders, faculty, staff and students that includes vocabulary, scripts, topline child development information and an outline of the +School Community program’s key components. Now available free of charge, in PDF form, in English and Spanish at, the guide is also available as a +Flipbook on (best viewed on a laptop/desktop).

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“We created this guide to support school communities enrolled in our program and to facilitate new grass roots conversations in prospective communities,” said Sarah Fisher, +Works Co-founder and CEO. “The feedback we have received consistently since starting +Works in 2010 underlines the importance and value of establishing a new community language. A community language provides the words and, equally important, a foundation of understanding upon which discussions on tough issues can take place and upon which peaceful, positive, upstanding communities can be built.”

“We are so excited to present our new guide in Spanish,” said Trish Morille, +Works Co-founder. “We love the idea of more parents being able to join and spark new conversations around whom school communities want to be.”

Now in its fifth year, +Works serves as a catalyst for positive community change on bullying and other trending issues keeping parents and kids up at night. Twelve public, private and parochial school communities have joined the +Works program since its grass roots beginnings in 2010. For more information about +Works, contact +Works CEO Sarah Fisher at or visit


About +Works

In May 2010, long-time friends, moms of two, and award-winning marketing professionals Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille converted their ongoing family frustrations around the bullying issue into positive action within their own homes and in the Houston community. What began as a unique, integrated family and school program laser-focused on student bullying has evolved into a ground-breaking, upbeat, creative, hands-on, “roundtable” approach that is sparking fresh conversations around the trending issues that keep adults — and kids — up at night and around “who” school communities and organizations want to be. +Works family, school, business and nonprofit organization members agree: if we want to raise vibrant, resilient, productive children, we have to get real, lock arms and work together from home to homeroom, from home plate to the boardroom. Fisher and Morille continue to spearhead the +Effort on a 100 percent pro bono basis — with joy.