River Oaks Baptist School Fifteenth Community to Join the +Movement

Free UNBOUND program extended through 2016-17

River Oaks Baptist School students with Head of School Leanne Reynolds.

AUGUST 25, 2016 — HOUSTON, TX — +Works (pronounced Positive Works) today announced River Oaks Baptist School as the fifteenth school community to join the +Works program. +Works is a Houston-based, parent-driven, nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for positive community change. River Oaks Baptist School is a private, co-educational day school in Houston serving 845 students and their families from age 2 through grade 8.

+Works was cofounded in 2010 by Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille, Houston mothers and marketing professionals who converted their family frustrations around the bullying issue into positive community action and a movement that now involves fifteen public, private and parochial school communities. Introduced last Fall, the organization’s UNBOUND program provides school communities in the United States the opportunity to join the +Works program at no charge and with no time commitment during the 2016-17 school year.

“Whom do we want to be?”

+Works offers school stakeholders a unique framework for reflecting on the kind of community they want to be.  The program poses five key questions for discussion among educators, parents, teachers, coaches, staff and students:

• Whom do we want to be as a +School Community?

• How can I find my +Voice as an individual and help others to find theirs?

• How can we wrap our unique culture and tradition around the +Mindset?

• How can we gently remind each other when we get off track?

• Will we make a daily commitment to this +Change process?

“Concrete tools for spreading empathy and kindness”

“At River Oaks Baptist School, we provide children an ambitious academic program rooted in Christian values. The +Works program — which offers concrete tools for spreading empathy and kindness — fits perfectly within our mission,” said Leanne Reynolds, Head of School.

“We know that it’s possible to build students’ capacity for empathy.  We want our students to take action when they see a friend who seems sad or left out. Choosing to act inclusively increases everyone’s emotional well-being,” said Dr. Melanie Gregg, Middle School Counselor.

“As coaches and parents, it’s up to us to model sportsmanship. Children flourish when the adults around stay positive and allow them to perform without unnecessary pressure.  As adults, we need to help kids focus on team work, respect for themselves and others, and learning life lessons while looking at the big picture that extends far beyond wins and losses,” said Jesse Martin, Athletic Director.

“As a parent, it was important to me to choose a school like ROBS that focuses on building children’s character as well as their intellect. As our kids grow up and start to make their own decisions, knowing how to treat people with kindness and to do the right thing will serve them well in life,” said Stephanie Davis, President of the ROBS Parent Association.

The +Works UNBOUND +Community Courage Kit includes:

• A 2016 +Kick-start implementation plan;

• Two large, attractive, heavy-vinyl banners with the opportunity to purchase additional banners if desired;

• Print-ready PDFs for additional standard +Works school campus signage (+Classroom, +Office, +Bathroom, +Locker Room, etc.);

• +School Community guides in English and Spanish;

• +PlayWell program guide;

• Award-winning public service announcement campaign entitled Change comes one +Voice at a time;

• Award-winning mini-documentary, Raising +Children, Raising +Voices;

• Four online +FlipBooks (Peopleboxes, Everybody Rocks, The Special Glasses, 2015 One +Voice Awards Showbook);

• Our school-year blog, +SNAX (+Works in bite-sized pieces).

For more information on +Works, contact +Works CEO Sarah Fisher at aware@positivethinkingworks.org or visit positivethinkingworks.org.


About +Works

In May 2010, long-time friends, moms of two, and award-winning marketing professionals Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille converted their ongoing family frustrations around the bullying issue into positive action within their own homes and in the Houston community.  What began as a unique, integrated family and school program laser-focused on student bullying has evolved into a ground-breaking, upbeat, creative, hands-on, “roundtable” approach that is sparking fresh conversations around the trending issues that keep adults — and kids — up at night and around “who” school communities and organizations want to be. +Works family, school, business and nonprofit organization members agree: if we want to raise vibrant, resilient, productive children, we have to get real, lock arms and work together from home to homeroom, from home plate to the boardroom.  Fisher and Morille continue to spearhead the +Effort on a 100 percent pro bono basis — with joy.

Public, private and parochial schools who have joined the +Works program since 2010:

Annunciation Orthodox School, Houston, Texas

Durham Elementary School (HISD), Houston, Texas

Frostwood Elementary School (SBISD), Houston, Texas

Kolter Elementary School (HISD), Houston, Texas

Mark Twain Elementary School (HISD), Houston, Texas

Pershing Middle School (HISD), Houston, Texas

River Oaks Baptist School, Houston, Texas

Roberts Elementary School (HISD), Houston, Texas

S.C. Red Elementary School (HISD), Houston, Texas

St. Laurence Catholic School, Sugar Land, Texas

St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Houston, Texas

St. Michael Catholic School, Houston, Texas

St. Paul’s School, Houston, Texas

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Houston, Texas

The Awty International School, Houston, Texas