Tired of crying in their coffee out of frustration over their families’ struggles with bullying, +Works’s co-founders Sarah Fisher and Trish Morille gathered over 50 parents, educators and mental health professionals in Sarah’s backyard in May 2010 to start a new +Community conversation.  This unique grass roots gathering served as a starting point for what is now a +Movement encompassing a +Dozen school communities in Houston — a +Movement on the verge of expansion beyond Texas.  Since 2010, we’ve continued to gather at community-wide +Coffees to broaden that initial conversation to include other issues that keep adults and children up at night.

Are you interested in starting a +Grassfire in your neighborhood or school community? You, too, can start with a +Coffee!  Email +Works Co-founder & CEO, Sarah Fisher at aware@positivethinkingworks.org for ideas and support.