Our +Family program:

Is a unique and positive way for you and your family to be part of the solution to our society’s ongoing struggle with adult and student bullying. By looking honestly at your own choices and taking action at home with your own children, you can impact other families and your school community by leading through example.

Is created and designed by parents with tremendous support from educators, coaches, mental health professionals, pediatricians, government leaders, and business leaders. We ALL have a stake in raising vibrant, resilient, productive children — together, as a community.

Requires awareness and positive reinforcement — not perfection. +Works is about being mindful of how we manage our daily power struggles and how we speak up for ourselves and our children when courage and leadership is required. It’s about reminding each other and our children to say no to gossip, to reframe negative events into learn-something opportunities, and to speak positively to ourselves and others.

Provides structure and plenty of room for improvisation. Our programs provide guidelines and ideas, but for this mindset to be sustainable, you have to be creative and discover the ideas that work best for your family. We recommend keeping an open and ongoing family dialogue about what is working and what is not, and to make adjustments in your +Family efforts as needed.

Our program is NOT:

The product of a “positive cult.” Quite the contrary – we are very much about getting real about and getting ahead of real issues that keep adults in our neighborhoods up at night.

A political agenda. We are passionate about and interested in common ground.

A cute bandaid for society’s serious problems. We are working everyday on tangible, doable solutions.

A “feel-good” program to promote “self-esteem” and cleanse our world of difficult situations. Quite the opposite. For example, we consider bullying behavior to be negative normal behavior that we, as a society, have to manage more realistically.