Become A +Family

Your family can join the +Movement today!  All you need to do is visit our +Store and order our Full +Family Membership packet, which includes our self-published 104-page +Parenting guide (CD) and +Visuals kit. Cost is $25 (plus Texas sales tax for Texas residents). Shipping is included if shipped within the United States.

When you join the +Movement, you and your family become part of a new conversation centered on creating authentic, positive change in our families, schools, and communities.  And you lock arms with other parents, educators, and community members committed to raising vibrant, resilient, productive kids together — as a community.

When we, as adults, learn to take life’s negatives, learn something and  make them positive, and make the peaceful choice — we set a great example for our children and go a long way toward our goal of living more peacefully in our homes, schools, and communities.