+™Girl Patch

+™GIRL sees many opportunities to make our world a really GOOD place to be. She uses positive words to speak to herself and others. She is KIND, HONEST, and a TRUE friend. She is an UPSTANDER who takes BRAVE action when she sees bullying in person, on a cell phone, or online. She is PROUD of herself and her WORK and she tries harder when she knows she can do better. After all, NOBODY’S PERFECT! She is OPEN to NEW ideas and NEW people. She thinks BIG thoughts! Have you found the +GIRL inside of YOU?

Houston Girl Scouts Kendyl Bree and Meredith O’Neal earned their Silver Award by developing the +GIRL patch program around the +Works mindset and with the mentoring support of +Works CEO Sarah Fisher. The stitched, peace sign patch can be earned by girls in the Girl Scouts — and beyond — by completing activities around and learning about the +Works approach to bullying.

Click here to read the January Healthy Living column +Works contributed as guest columnists for the Girl Scouts’ January 13, 2013 Golden Link magazine.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GIRL SCOUT TO EARN THE +GIRL PATCH!   For more information on how your girls can earn the +GIRL patch, please contact +Works at aware@positivethinkingworks.org.