+Parenting Guide

+Works’ self-published +Parenting guide, available on CD or in printed form, provides practical, actionable information, tools, and strategies for helping adults and children find a path to a more peaceful home/school life.

The guide is divided into three sections:

• The +Works Fundamentals:  the ideas and concepts that drive our philosophy;

• The +Works ToolBox:  hands-on, actionable tools and strategies to help you help your child if they are tending to be the bully, target, or bystander — and upbeat, creative ideas for engaging your family in the process of becoming upstanders  from home to homeroom;

• Momstinct/Dadstinct Backed by Science:  child development information for children ages 4-14 years, the concept of creative consequences, some thoughts on the power of today’s provocative culture, and emerging psychoscience worth noting and discussing.

+Works wants to help bring families and schools together around common ground and around the reason we are in school communities together in the first place — our children.  To that end, our +Parenting guide is integrated tightly with our +Teaching guide. We believe that parents, educators, coaches, and students work better together when they have a common language for discussing challenging issues — issues like adult and student bullying and other concerning situations and problems that keep adults and kids up at night.

Our +Parenting guide is provided to all families in our +Schools and, again, is available to any family in the United States who would like to order it from us via our +Store.