+School Community

+Works’ innovative and expanding +School Community program provides public, private, and parochial schools in a shared geographic area a way to build a sense of community that extends beyond individual school campuses into the neighborhoods that encompass “real life” for people who live, study, work, worship, and play together on a day-to-day basis.

+School Communities commit to:

• A minimum of three years in the program at a cost of $5 per student per year with a cap of $3500 per year and a minimum of $1000 per year.

• Administering baseline and annual follow-up parent, teacher, and student surveys via Survey Monkey links provided by +Works.

• Forming +Teams that include an overall +Team leader, parent leaders,  student leaders, counselors/social workers, key teachers.

• Forming a +Student Coalition that includes students from grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. +Student Coalitions give students the opportunity to practice and model upstanding behavior in their “kidworld” and to serve as positive leaders on campus. Watch our mini-documentary Raising +Children, Raising +Voices to see a +Student Coalition in action at Founding +School Community Roberts Elementary (HISD).

• Offering +Works’ self-published +Parenting and +Teaching guides online and/or in printed form to all parents and educators in their school community.

• Participating in conference call   +™Roundtable meetings of representatives from participating +Schools to discuss the +Works mindset and to share ideas and challenges in developing their respective programs.

• Promoting +Works’ +Talks, which provide public forums for discussion of and idea sharing around the trending issues of concern that are keeping adults in our communities up at night.