Become A +School Community

Are you ready for +Change?  

We have schools in our communities for one reason:  to educate and raise our children together.  The question is:  are we doing this important work in a way that affords every child, regardless of their differences, the opportunity to feel safe and free to learn, play and grow to their potential?

+Works is a catalyst for positive community change on bullying and other trending issues keeping adults and kids up at night.  We have developed an ever-evolving system and process for helping your school community to discover its best self by bringing people together around a common language, a generally-agreed-upon set of behavior expectations, and constructive ways to remind people when they get off track from those expectations.

Are you visiting our website because you are interested in helping to improve your school community’s climate?  If so, we salute you and ask you to consider these five key +Questions as a way to start a new +Conversation with educators, parents, coaches and staff on your campus:

Whom do we want to be as a +School Community?

How can I find my +Voice and encourage others to find theirs?

How will we wrap our unique school culture and traditions around the +Mindset?

How will we gently remind each other when we get off track?

Will we make a daily and long-term commitment to this +Change process?

+Works is a mindset, not a curriculum.  It’s about reframing the way we handle life’s challenges as adults — so we can model resilient, productive, positive behavior for the children in our care.  +Works offers fresh, new ideas for approaching daily life, including tools and strategies for adults and kids on how best to handle normal daily power struggles, and how to discuss issues that have until now been undiscussable.

+School Communities commit to:

• A minimum of three years in the program at a cost of $5 per student per year with a cap of $3500 per year and a minimum of $1000 per year.

• Administering baseline and annual follow-up parent, teacher, and student surveys via Survey Monkey links provided by +Works.

• Forming +Teams that include an overall +Team leader, parent leaders,  student leaders, counselors/social workers, key teachers.

• Forming a +Student Coalition that includes students from grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. +Student Coalitions give students the opportunity to practice and model upstanding behavior in their “kidworld” and to serve as positive leaders on campus. Watch our mini-documentary Raising +Children, Raising +Voices to see a +Student Coalition in action at Founding +School Community Roberts Elementary (HISD).

• Offering +Works’ self-published +Parenting and +Teaching guides online and/or in printed form to all parents and educators in their school community.

• Participating in conference call  +Roundtable meetings of representatives from participating +School Communities to discuss the +Works mindset and to share ideas and challenges in developing their respective programs.

• Promoting +Works’ +Talks, which provide public forums for discussion of and idea sharing around the trending issues of concern that are keeping adults in our communities up at night.