Imagine your city or town without traffic signs. We all need reminders every now and again to do what we know is right. +Works’ visual reminder system makes it possible to wrap consistent messaging around children and adults, from home to homeroom, from home plate to the boardroom.

The +Visuals provide visual reinforcement of agreed-upon, positive behavior standards — and they give people of all ages the opportunity to find their +Voice, possibly for the first time.  When our +Visuals are placed strategically around your +School campus, home, and community, they can provide concrete opportunities for people of all ages to speak up in a helpful way, by simply pointing to one of our banners, signs, or stickers.

+School Communities have the option of branding their +Works programs in a way that reflects their unique culture and traditions. Once that decision is made, +Works produces and ships rolls of  1″stickers with the + sign, heavy-duty, high-quality vinyl signage, and PDF files created for on-site printing in whatever quantities are needed.  With the exception of the 1″ stickers, all +Visuals will include individual +School Communities’ program name/brand.

Standard +Banners:  +Playground, +PlayWell, +Cafeteria, +Gym, +Library, +Carpool

Standard +Sign:  +PlayWell event welcome sign

Standard PDFs for on-site printing on 8.5″ x 11″ paper on site:  +Classroom, +Office, +Lounge, +Counselor, +Bathroom, +Locker Room

Standard PDFs for on-site printing on standard labels:  +Computer, +Locker

For an additional charge, +School Communities can order +Visuals for places on their campus that make their school community unique.